Annunciator Expansion Module


The annunciator expansion module is an additional module available from EMIT that expands the amount of inputs and outputs available for the annunciator. The expansion module adds 12 thermocouples, 8 analog inputs, 6 digital outputs, and 2 analog outputs.


If the expansion module is present on the communications bus along with an annunciator, there will still be only one icon on the EIM home screen for the annunciator. Under the input setups, however, the available inputs will be expanded by the amount available on the expansion module. The inputs and outputs show up as if the annunciator itself simply has more I/O, and the expanded I/O can be configured in the same way as any other I/O.

The inputs on the expansion module begin at the next available index, and are appended with “A” or “B”, depending on the CAN ADDR switch on the expansion module.


The inputs and outputs on the expansion module will function the same as on the annunciator- the inputs can be set up for any class and action, and if configured as a shutdown will shut down the engine when faulted. The additional inputs will also show up in the annunciator datalog list to view for datalogging.

Once the annunciator expansion module appears on the communication bus, the annunciator will expect it to be present indefinitely until the annunciator is powered off. If the expansion module ever goes from present to not present, because of hardware or power failure, the annunciator will fault out with the shutdown code "Expansion module no longer present".

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