Annunciator No Flow Status

The status of the no flow inputs is available on the No-Flow Input Status screen (Pg. 615). This page is reached from the main annunciator setup by selecting “Inputs Status” followed by “No-Flow Monitoring”. The no flow inputs should have been previously set up, which is covered in the article "Annunciator Setup- No Flow Monitoring".

No-Flow Status Page

The no-flow input of interest can be selected at the top of the screen. The first values shown are the time since the last cycle and the previous cycle time. This can be useful to see the cycles as they happen, to make sure the input is cycling correctly at startup.

The next set of data are the averages. The first value is the average of the last 10 cycles. The next value is the average over the previous day.

Near the bottom is the total number of cycles since reset. This value can be used to calculate the total amount of lubricant used, or to monitor the life of the proximity switch. To reset this value if in Engineering or higher access mode, click “Reset Total Cycles”.

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