Annunciator Setup- Home Page Gauges

The gauges on the annunciator home screen can be changed to show the most relevant sensors. Up to six gauges can be shown at a time, and up to five “sets” of gauges can be enabled, which causes a “Next” and “Prev” button to appear above the gauges to cycle between sets. To change the gauges shown, the Home Page Gauge Selection page (Pg. 632) is used, which is reached from the main annunciator setup by selecting “Display Setup” then “Select Home Page Gauges”.

Home Page Gauge Selection Overview Page

The main gauge selection page shows an overview of the five available sets of home page gauges. In the above example the last three sets are empty, so the home page “Next” and “Prev” buttons would only cycle through two sets. Selecting one of the five sets (pages) will bring up the All Sensors Selection screen (Pg. 644) to select the gauges for that page.

Sensor Gauge Selection

The buttons at the top of the page can change the displayed items between Analog Inputs, Thermocouples, and Other items. On a given group of items, the items highlighted in blue are currently selected. Selecting a blue item will unhighlight it and remove it from the gauge set. Selecting an item in black will highlight it and add it to the gauge set. When finished, click “Done” to return to the previous page. If more than six items are enabled for that set, an error will be shown and some will have to be de-selected.

When complete on the main selection page, click “Save”.

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