Annunciator Setup- Autostart

If using EMIT engine controls, the annunciator can be used to autostart the engine. During autostart, the annunciator will actuate the STARTER output (digital out 2) and activate the fuel valve, and crank until the engine reaches a cutoff speed. The annunciator will then communicate with the (EMIT) Governor to idle for a specified amount of time, then ramp to the Auto governor operating condition. If not using an EMIT governor, the autostart function cannot be used, but autostart might still be enabled through an external ECU, such as the CAT ADEM.

The Autostart Setup Page (Pg. 677) is accessed from the main setup page by selecting “Outputs Setup” then “Auto-Start”.

Autostart Setup

The first autostart setting is the Pre-Start Warning Time. This is the amount of time the annunciator will activate a siren and/or beacon to warn any personnel of an impending autostart. The next setting is the purge time, which is the amount of time the engine will crank without fuel. The Max Crank Time specifies the maximum amount of time the annunciator should crank the engine, and if the engine does not start in this time the annunciator will fault out. The RPM cutoff specifies what speed the engine is considered started and cranking should stop.

The second autostart setup page specifies the idle time, which is the amount of time to idle the engine before ramping to full speed. Note that if an idle permissive condition is enabled on the governor it will also have to be met before ramping to full speed. Finally, the user is asked whether autoload of the compressor is used, and if so, will navigate next to autoload setup.

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