Annunciator Setup- Shutdown

The Shutdown Setup (Pg. 673) can be accessed from the main annunciator setup by selecting “Outputs Setup” followed by “Shutdown Pins”, or on newer units "Outputs Status" followed by "Shutdown Pins". On this page, the type of fuel valve and ignition can be selected to show a diagram for how to wire to the shutdown pins block of the annunciator (Pins 7-10). Note that this does not actually change the functionality of the pins, it only is for viewing the correct wiring.

On the lower part of the screen, the stage 2 shutdown timer can be altered. This timer specifies the length of the shutdown delay state, when the ignition is enabled but the fuel valve disabled. A value around 1-3 seconds is typical. For a CD-type (G lead powered) fuel valve, this value MUST be at least 1 second. For DC fuel valves, this time is optional, but 2-3 seconds is recommended to allow the ignition to burn off excess gas before being disabled. An optional output can be enabled to be active during the shutdown delay, typically used if a fuel valve latches closed only but is DC powered.

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