Annunciator Setup- Prelube / Postlube

A Pre/Post lubrication system can be driven from the annunciator by enabling it through the Pre/Post Lube Setup Page (Pg. 672). This page can be accessed through the setup wizard, or from the main annunciator setup by selecting “Outputs Setup”, then “Pre/Post Lube Setup”.

On the Pre/Postlube setup page, the Prelube and Postlube time can be specified. These are the times that the lube output (digital out 1) will run before starting the engine and after it shuts down. Also on this page is the Pre-Lube Valid timer, which is the amount of time after completing pre-lube that the engine can be started or restarted before having to complete the prelube process again.

Optionally, a prelube valid condition can be added. This condition has to be met before prelube will be considered complete. If the prelube time finishes and the condition isn’t met, the lube will continue until the condition is met. This condition can be based on any input and threshold.

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