EIM Software Update

Video available for this topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9Mf76GIxBA
  • Using a Windows-based computer, transfer the EMIT-provided EIM software update file to a FAT-formatted USB thumb drive
  • The file name should be “EIM_update.tar”
  • Plug the USB thumb drive into the USB A port on the opposite side of the EIM

  • Within the EIM’s user interface, enter the appropriate password to for either Setup or Engineering security access
  • From the System Menu screen (Pg. 0), navigate to the Software Update screen (Pg. 3) by selecting "System Settings / Utilities" then “Software Update”
  • If the USB drive is plugged in and detected, the screen will be displayed as shown below
  • Select the “Start Update“ button to begin the update
  • The update will take 20-30 seconds and then will restart the EIM, when complete
  • After the update, the EIM will restart
  • Remove the USB drive when completed

Note: If after the update the EIM application closes but doesn't restart within 30 seconds, it is because the application handler was updated. Turn power on the EIM off and on to finish the update in this case.

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