EIM System Settings / Utilities Pages

The "System Settings / Utilities" Page, accessed from the EIM home screen, contains several back pages for system settings. A description of each is below, or a reference to another article if it exists.


The About screen (Pg. 4) displays the serial number, hardware version, and software version of the EIM and each module connected to the EIM.

Touchscreen Calibration

The touch screen can be re-calibrated if it is determined that button selection appears to be offset from what is displayed on the screen. To calibrate the touch screen:

  • Enter Engineering security access mode
  • Navigate to the About screen (Pg. 4)
  • Select the “Calibrate Touch Screen” button to start the calibration application
  • Very carefully, use quick motions to touch each crosshair as they appear on the screen
  • After the calibration, the screen will return to the About screen (Pg. 4) and display a confirmation box that must be accepted
  • If the confirmation box is not accepted, the touch screen will omit the new calibration data
For accuracy when selecting the crosshairs, it is recommended that you use a stylus, such as the blunt end of a pen, rather than using your finger.

Use caution not to double tap or select each crosshair as it will result in a bad calibration. The best method to not double tap is to select the crosshair in one quick motion.

Go To Page

The "Go To Page" screen can be used to navigate to a page by the page number

Software Update

The "Software Update" page is used to update the software on the EIM. To use, insert a USB drive with the software update into the EIM, and click "Start Update".

Clean Screen

The "Clean Screen" page shows a blank screen so that the touch screen can be cleaned with a cloth without pressing any buttons.

Main Help

The main help button goes to the help module of the EIM. This is the same as the "Help" button on the EIM home screen.


The "Modbus" page is for setting up the Modbus connection. It is discussed more in-depth in the article "ETS Modbus RTU"

Config Files

The "Config Files" page can be used to save or load settings from one EIM to another. To use, insert a USB drive and click "Write" for a module or all modules. Then take the USB drive to another unit and use the same screen "Read" button to read the settings and use them on the new unit. This can speed up setup times.


In Engineering security mode, the system can be reset to the factory default values within the Reset screen (Pg. 5) of the EIM. Press the “Reset AFRC, EMD, EIM” button to reset those modules to factory defaults. Press the “Reset ICM” button to reset the Ignition to factory defaults. After reset the Ignition will be in “Configuration Required” state until ignition setup is completed.

Datalog Files

This page can be used to download or delete the datalog files. For more information, see the article "EIM Datalogging".

Home Background

This page can be used to add a background watermark to the EIM home page.

Troubleshooting File

The EIM can accept a custom troubleshooting file for showing troubleshooting trees for certain shutdown conditions. This file will usually be supplied by EMIT and uploaded on this page.

Change Setup Password

This page is used to change the setup password.

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