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EIM Engine Info Page

The Engine Info screen (Pg. 7) configures and displays engine specific data. The information is available for view in Operator security mode. To edit or modify any of the data, Setup or Engineering security mode is required. Engineering mode is required to modify the engine configuration.

  • Engine Status – Displays the engine run signal status as either ‘Running’ or ‘Run Signal Not Detected’ based on the run signal auto-detect
  • Engine Hours – Displays the current cumulative hours of the engine
  • This value can be modified to match an existing engine hour meter in Engineering security access mode
  • Engine Uptime – Displays the current uptime of the engine based on the run signal.
  • Engine Make – Selects the engine manufacturer from a drop-down list
  • Engine Model – Displays engine model
  • Press button to add or edit model
  • Engine Serial Number – Displays engine serial number
  • Press button to add or edit engine serial number
  • Engine Arrangement Number – Displays Caterpillar arrangement number
  • Press button to add or edit arrangement number
  • Combustion – Adjusts rich burn or lean burn setting for AFRC
  • Banks – Adjusts number of banks for the AFRC Advanced
  • AFRC Lite is fixed to single bank configuration
  • O2 Sensor Type – Adjusts the AFRC configuration between wideband O2 sensors (6-wire) or narrowband O2 sensors (4-wire)
  • Lean burn configuration must use a wideband O2 sensor (6-wire)
  • Control Type – Adjusts control method for AFRC Advanced between Setpoint mode and AutoControl mode (no adjustable setpoint)
  • AFRC Lite is fixed to Setpoint mode

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