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EIM Overview

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The EMIT Interface Module (EIM) provides an 8” touchscreen display and communication hub for any one module, or multiple modules, connected to the Controller Area Network (CAN) of the EIM. Modules connected to the EIM will automatically populate as buttons on the System Menu screen (Pg. 0) of the display. Selecting any of the module buttons allows for direct interaction with the respective module.

Other functions not directly related to module interaction include the system run signal trigger, security passwords and access, timer management, alarms, date and time, sensor data logging, and MODBUS communications.

The enclosure of the EIM was designed to be installed either externally using the faceplate and the base or within a panel using only the faceplate. If mounting externally, the EIM can accommodate the mounting of any one module within the base of the enclosure.




  • “Home” button – Navigates to home screen of currently viewed module
  • “Eng” label – Indicates if valid run signal from the engine is present (“Eng: Run”) or not present (“Eng: Off”)
  • Current module label – Displays the module associated with the currently viewed screen
  • “Pg.” label – Displays page number associated with currently viewed screen
  • “Back” button – Navigates to the previous screen


  • “System Menu” button – Navigates to System Menu screen (Pg. 0)
  • “Access:” button – Displays current security access level and navigates to Security Access screen (Pg. 1) to change security level
  • “Timers” button – Navigates to Timer Management screen (Pg. 20) and flashes when any timer(s) require attention
  • “Alarms” button – Navigates to Alarms screen (Pg. 40) and flashes when there is an active alarm
  • Date/Time button – Navigates to the Date/Time screen (Pg. 2) to modify the date and time

Display active area

Displays content for the specific screen being viewed


The active security access is displayed in the “Access:” button in the footer of the display. To change the security access mode, select the “Access:” button and input the password of the desired security using the keypad. Available security levels include:

Operator – Limited access to system features. No adjustments can be made.
Setup – Access to most system features and settings.
Engineering – Access to all system features including advanced adjustments.

Passwords are laser marked on the USB covers included with each system, or on a paper card. Please contact EMIT Technologies if you have lost or forgotten the passwords.


To change the Setup password from the factory default (serial number + 10), do the following:

While in the Engineering security access mode, go to "System Settings / Utilities", and select "Change Setup Password".

Enter in the desired Setup password

Press the “Submit” button

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