Governor Alarms

The Governor Alarm Setup page (Pg. 522) specifies alarms for RPM and pressure sensors. An access level of Setup or higher is needed to see this screen.

Governor Alarm Setup

The RPM alarm values duplicate the settings from setup step 1. These specify the low and high shutdown values for the engine. If an underspeed is not needed, it can be set to 0.

Each of the three pressure inputs can have an alarm set up for it. To enable an alarm, click the enable “X” on that row, which will allow the parameters for that sensor to be changed. A low alarm, high alarm, and duration can be specified. If the sensor is outside the operating range for longer than the duration, an alarm will be triggered. If the action selected under “Action” is “Warning,” then triggering the alarm only adds the event to the Alarms screen. If the action is “Shutdown,” then the engine will be shut down in addition to adding the event to the alarm screen.

Note: If a “Shutdown” alarm is needed, the alarm relay on the Governor circuit board should be connected to an annunciator panel. During a shutdown the relay is closed to kill the engine. Additionally, the Governor will close the throttle, but this does not guarantee an engine kill.

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