Previous Shutdown Logs


The EIM and DCT will store a detailed log of all sensors for the 60 seconds leading up to an engine stopping. The screen will store the logs from the 10 most recent shutdowns. These logs can help with determining the true cause of a shutdown.

Note: The screen keeps a similar log leading up to any alarm that can also be downloaded from the alarm detail screen. The difference between an alarm log and a shutdown log are (1) the shutdown logs are always created, even for manual stops (2) the alarm logs are deleted when an alarm is cleared, while the shutdown logs are always kept for the last 10 shutdowns.

Downloading Previous Shutdown Logs

1. Insert USB Drive
2. Navigate to Alarms -> Recent Shutdown Logs
3. Select "Download All"

1. Insert USB drive in the back of the screen
2. Navigate to "Alarms" -> "Past Shutdown Logs"
3. Select "Download All"

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