Service Overview

QuadPack Connect


QuadPack Connect is a service enabling vision into the operation of QuadPack Control units.

The Dynamic Control Touchscreen (DCT) comes with a built-in cellular modem that can be activated at anytime to start collecting data for analysis and callout services. For panels without a DCT, including non-EMIT panels, the Data Relay module is available to collect engine and compressor data from other panel annunciators and engine control units.


Access to Connect is provided via a web portal located at  Log in is provided via Microsoft and Google sign on services and utilize your company's domain information.


Data is transmitted over cellular or satellite data networks to our cloud infrastructure.  We transmit a combination of sensor data, alerts, and warnings based on service level.  Our standard service level sends 30+ data points every 15 minutes.  Unit data is available via data export, tending on the portal, and a REST API. 


Notifications from the Connect system are sent via email, SMS or voice call.  When a unit experiences a shutdown event, the data is immediately sent via our data network to our cloud and immediately forwarded to relevant personnel. 


Unit reports are available on a unit basis and can provide insight into total downtime experienced following an event.  For more information visit the reports article.

Service Activation

Field devices must be activated before reporting data or shutdown event.  For more information, please read the activation article.

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