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Service Overview

QuadPack Connect


Connect is a telematics service for gas compressors which collects data and sends notifications (callout alarms) when equipment starts and stops.

There are two devices that send data from a field unit to EMIT servers:

  1. The Dynamic Control Touchscreen (DCT) comes with a built-in cellular modem that can be activated at anytime to start collecting data for analysis and callout services.
  2. The Data Relay module is available for other panels to collect engine and compressor data via Modbus


Data is transmitted over cellular or satellite data networks to our cloud infrastructure. We transmit a combination of sensor data, alerts, and warnings based on service level. Our standard service level sends 30+ data points every 15 minutes. This 15-minute data group includes common run data such as Suction Pressure, Discharge Temps, etc. When satellite modems are used the data is less frequent and contains less data items.

On DCT panels the Brain (Annunciator) config file is also sent daily to keep track of changes.


Access to Connect is provided via a web portal located at  Log in is provided via Microsoft and Google sign on services and utilize your company's domain information. Once logged in, Select "Units" then "List" to get a list of units. At the top of the page, the dropdown can be used to filter by area. Selecting a unit will go to the individual unit page, where the schedule, recent alerts, and recent data can be seen.


Notifications from the Connect system are sent via email, SMS or voice call.  When a unit experiences a shutdown event, the data is immediately sent via our data network to our cloud and immediately forwarded to relevant personnel. Callout contacts are assigned to groups and units via the web portal, and more information can be found in the article linked above under 'Portal'.

A notification includes a link to a snapshot page that shows more information regarding a shutdown. A user can acknowledge the alert here to show other users who is responding. If the alarm is sent by a DCT it sometimes will include the final minute of data from the sensor that faulted.

DCT Telematics Setup and Screens

The DCT has several screens related to Telematics setup and status, detailed below.


Hitting the bottom left button of any screen brings up the connection status information screen. The cell or satellite status is in the bottom-right.
If the DCT is connected to a tower the connection information and signal strength will be shown. If there is no connection it could be because of a weak signal where a directional antenna is needed. If the DCT has not yet been activated then it may need to be power cycled to get a connection.
When the service is activated it will show Yes on that line.


The Telematics settings page has a few options related to local setup. This page is found at Settings -> System / Global Settings -> Telematics.

Descriptions of each row:
  • Service Active: This shows if service has been activated on the device
  • Shutdown callouts enabled: This must be set to ON for callouts to work. 
  • Callout Targets: This is a link to a page for editing callout targets. This communicates changes with the server. It is recommended that the portal site be used instead for this purpose because it is faster and allows for more options, such as creating groups.
  • Post Shutdown Question Dialog: This is a dialog box that comes up after some shutdowns to collect information about the true cause of the shutdown. This can be turned off if desired.
  • Test items: This shows a popup with a few test items noted below.
  • Disable modem: If telematics aren't used the modem can be disabled entirely if desired
"Test Items" button:
  • Send test callout: This sends a test callout from the unit. If there are not any contacts assigned this won't have any affect
  • Request Service Level Update: This makes the screen ask the server what its current service level should be. This is not often used, but might be needed if a unit was activated by EMIT while the panel was disconnected, and later someone is at the panel and cycled power to get it connected. This button will then finish the activation.
  • Send current config to server: This sends the annunciator config file to the server to be stored and/or sent to EMIT tech support

Service Activation

Field devices must be activated before reporting data or shutdown event.  For more information, please read the activation article.

Changing a Device

All data on the server is stored tied to a specific Unit, which is a virtual category for the data. Separately a device (DCT or EDR) is tied to that unit so that incoming data can be routed.

If a device is changed (e.g. a screen breaks) inform EMIT of the unit number, old s/n, and new s/n to . We will switch the device associated with the unit, which will allow all the old callout settings and data to stay intact.


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