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EDT Overview


The ECU Data Translator (or EMIT Data Translator) is a module for translating engine information from a non-EMIT system into the EMIT ETS system. It allows for more standard system integration between units, and allows for datalogging and viewing engine information from an ECU on the EIM. All remote (Modbus) access to the site can then be done only through the EIM, simplifying setup.

Features include:

·        Allows a standard interface (EIM) for remote modbus access for all unit types- engine control from EMIT, ADEM4, ESM, or Schneider VFD

  • If annunciator is present, both compressor and engine data will be available from the EIM to simplify SCADA setup

·        Brings ADEM or ESM data into the EIM for the user on site to view

·        Datalogs all ECU sensors in standard EIM datalogs

  • Data can be graphed or downloaded for the previous month like other ETS logs

·        Annunciator shutdowns will have engine sensor data in the logs to align with compressor data

·        Provides for a duplicate ETS modbus port, allowing two accesses to the system (e.g. unit owner and site owner)

·        Plug-and-play- no setup of data tables is required. There are very few settings and the system can be up and running in minutes.

This guide will cover the installation and operation of this module.


The following three examples show three different types of units, and how the EDT can be used on the last two to make all three look the same from the outside (remote) access. This simplifies system integration considerably.

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