Annunciator Setup- Buzzer

Buzzer Setup

The annunciator buzzer (or siren) output has several built in functions- it will sound before autostart, auto-restart, or auto blowdown, for example. Additionally, the user can configure the buzzer to sound when certain inputs are faulted. This can be done on the "Annunciator Setup" -> "Display Setup" -> "Siren" page.

Buzzer Setup Page

Any Digital, Analog, or Thermocouple input can be selected to cause the buzzer to activate. Whenever one or more inputs in this set become faulted, the buzzer will turn on. The buzzer will continue until the "Max On Time"
is reached, or all inputs in the list become unfaulted. An input in the buzzer list will cause the buzzer to turn on when the input is faulted even if the input is not armed or is set to 'no action'.

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