EIM Modbus Temporary Disable

Starting with EIM software version 2.00, the modbus can be temporary disabled during a PM to prevent inaccurate callouts during the maintenance. The system will automatically re-enable itself after a time period in case the user does not remember that modbus has been disabled.

Using Modbus Temporary Disable

To use, go to the MODBUS screen under "System Settings". If in "Engineering" password level, the disable button will be shown on the right.

After clicking 'Disable...' a confirmation dialog will come up. If 'Yes' is selected to disable, the number of hours will be asked.

The system will not respond to any modbus requests (either over serial 485 or TCP/Ethernet) until the timer expires, or the user manually re-enables the port, whichever comes first.

If the port is disabled, and the 'Disabled' button is selected, a dialog will ask the user if Modbus should be re-enabled immediately. Otherwise the timer will run out normally and re-enable automatically. The enable time is saved to disk, so the system can be power cycled multiple times and it will not affect the enabling.

Note: If the clock is changed during the disable period, it may clear the disable timer.

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