EIM Shutdown Logs

EIM Shutdown Logs

Beginning with EIM version 1.94, the EIM will save a log of sensor data for the previous 10 shutdowns, whether the shutdown was a fault or not. As new shutdowns occur, the oldest logs will be deleted so that there are never more than 10 logs.

These logs can be viewed, graphed, and downloaded (to view in Excel (R) ) just the same as the normal alarm logs are. However, there are two benefits of these logs over normal alarm logs:

  • Sometimes a unit will be reset (and the alarm log cleared/deleted) before the shutdown is more thoroughly investigated. Since the last 10 shutdowns are saved, they can be still later viewed even after the alarm is cleared.
  • Sometimes a unit will have a normal stop, in which case there is no alarm or alarm log, but a user may still want the shutdown data

The shutdown logs are found by selecting "Recent Shutdown Logs" on the EIM Alarms page.

EIM Alarms page- Button in lower-right shown to access recent shutdown logs

After selecting the button, a list of the last 10 shutdowns is shown.

Previous 10 shutdowns

Selecting one of the shutdowns from this list will bring up the shutdown event.

Individual shutdown event

Similar to normal alarm logs, a USB drive can be inserted on this screen to download the one minute datalog of the sensors before this shutdown. Selecting the graph allows for graphing of other sensors during the logged period.

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