EIM Security Key


For EIM versions 1.98 and above, a special USB security key can be optionally used to lock out the "Engineering" password level of the EIM. The also DCT has very similar functionality with the same key.

The key part number is 20221-0001 -- USB SECURITY KEY F/ ETS, and can be ordered from EMIT.

The functionality is as follows:

Security Key Not Enabled
-EIM Security operates normally with passwords

Security Key Enabled
-With the security key not inserted, the user can only use 'Operator' or 'Setup' (with setup password) levels of the EIM
-With the security key inserted, the user can get to all three password levels

The security key itself can be used as a normal usb flash drive for storing files if desired- it can even be re-formatted. The security information is in un-partitioned space.

Enabling the Security Key Mode

A special USB security key (or keys) are obtained from EMIT. The key is the same for all EIMs. After inserting the key, the following dialog will automatically popup about 10 seconds later.

If "Change EIM to 'Key Required'" is selected, the EIM will change to 'Key Required' mode. Once in this mode, the key will be required to enter Engineering.

If the EIM is configured to 'Key Required' mode, the dialog will look like this when the key is inserted.

If 'Close Window' is selected, the access level can still be changed between operator, setup, and engineering if the different passwords are entered, as long as the key is in. As soon as the key is removed, the access level will return to operator, and 'engineering' level will be inaccessible. As seen in the above dialog, the 'Key Required' mode can also be turned back off with the key in.

If they EIM is in the 'Key Required' mode and the key is not inserted, the following error appears if the 'Engineering' password is entered.

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