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Annunciator Fault/Output Status Screen

The Annunciator Fault / Output Status Screen, in version 1.96 of the EIM, replaces an earlier version of the screen.

This screen is accessed by selecting the left box on the Annunciator Home page.

The status categories on the left of the screen can be selected to change between views on the right side of the screen. Options are:
  • Faults: Shows which inputs are currently faulted
  • Timers: Shows status of various timers, including the B timer and load delay timer
  • Digital Outputs: Shows current state of each digital ouptut (on or off)
  • Speed Control: Shows the mode and current target of the speed control output (if used)
  • PID / Control: Shows the state of the PID control loops
  • Permissives: Shows status of various permissives

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