Annunciator Load Delay

The annunciator can be configured to enter a load delay after startup. If an 'idle hold' (Warmup) condition is configured, the load delay will begin counting down as soon as the idle hold permissive is met. Otherwise, the load delay will count down when the unit enters full running state.

The load delay timer can be setup under "Annunciator Setup"->"Timers Setup"->"Load Delay Timer".

If a load delay is desired, enter the number of seconds the delay should last.

Additionally, there are two options at the bottom of the page.

  • Unarm all low process pressures during load delay: If set to "Yes", then during load delay all low process pressure kills will be unarmed (e.g. Low Suction, Low Discharges).  These will arm normally after the load delay expires. The load delay timer won't start counting down until after warmup (idle hold) is finished, so during warmup these contacts will also be disarmed.
  • Unarm all 'C' contacts during Load Delay: If set to "Yes", then during load delay all C contacts will be considered unarmed and clear. After load delay expires the C contacts will revert to normal operation, with the inputs considered previously unarmed (i.e., if the input is in low range at end of load delay it will arm when it first clears after load delay ends).

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