Annunciator Purge / Blowdown Alarm Setup

The annunciator Purge / Blowdown setup screen is used to set up two features:
  1. Low Purge Alarm
  2. High blowdown limit / alarm

The setup page is shown below. To reach this page, while in "Engineering" access mode navigate to "Annunciator Setup" -> "Outputs Setup" -> "Purge / Blowdown Limits".

Note that neither of these functions will work if autostart or an ECU is not used.

Purge Setup Sreeen

Purge Alarm Setup

The purge alarm is used to specify a minimum suction level to allow the engine to start. In the above screenshot, this is 10 psi. If the suction is below 10 psi, starting the engine will always go directly to FAULTED. If unused, this can be set to 0.

The sensor used for suction does not have to be specified- the EIM will find the analog input with the name "Suction", "Suction Stg 1", etc.

Blowdown Limit Setup

The blowdown limit can be specified, in PSI, that signifies the maximum psi permissible on suction before the engine will continue the start sequence. If used, set this value to something other than zero.

During startup, if a blowdown valve is specified in the valve setup screen, it will be opened if above the "High Blowdown Limit" and until it is below that limit. If the amount of time in "Blowdown max time" passes and the suction pressure is still above the limit, the system will fault out.

Note that if no blowdown valve is present in the system this function can still be used (with a "max time" of 1 second) to fault-out if the system is pressurized on startup.

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